IntelliJ IDE with typical tools already available!

Looking into Typescript as part of a drive to upskill for web development, I can’t help sensing a missed opportunity. I won’t quibble with the need for a strongly-typed alternative to Javascript that can be translated into a browser-readable format. That was certainly long overdue.

Maybe it’s the evil smell emanating from the keyword “let”. This is the disgusting spoor of the organisation that gave us Visual Basic, keeping alive for decades after its natural life one of the worst “educational” languages. Its presence doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm about the new language.

The thing is, though, there are already…

Indeed, yes. I would only add that taxes on capital and inheritance ought to be part of the mix. The returns of capital are growing faster than those on work, pace Piketty, and by far the most effective strategy for becoming wealthy is to be born into wealth. These forces need rebalancing.

I find it interesting that such alert minds can be so unimaginative. Turkle has grown up in a world without general artificial intelligence and with only human minds to provide empathy, and seemingly cannot imagine how it will be for a generation growing up after the arrival of GAI.

Future AIs may, very well, be embodied. They may be very well able to imagine or experience ailments of the body. Hells, for all we know they may be able to scan our own brains and lift the subjective experience of being us on a hospital bed and experience our own…

Good article, but do not overestimate the "reach" of US development aid. On per capita development assistance the USA comes in at #16 in the world. On the gross figure, the better measurement of influence by nation, Germany, the UK and France combined provide 50% more aid than the USA. Of the OECD's Development Assistance Committee's aggregate contributions, the USA provides 20%, and European nations an aggregate of 63%.


Interesting and slightly chilling prospects. It has to be said that globalisation has had mixed benefits, and the political left have been aware of this at least since "No Logo". On the other hand, global trade has enabled many countries to lift much of their population out of poverty - while confining other parts to slave-labour production facilities.

It seems to me that there are inherent forces that will defeat any attempt to disintegrate on national lines. Firstly, there is the inherent freedom of information. China has allegedly managed to erect a Great Firewall, but I wonder how long it…

If you have not seen the Brexiteers saying "we should go back to being an Empire" then you have not been paying attention. Equally so if you have not taken note of the sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents.

I'm sure there were people in the 1930s who could use "Rothschild Bankers" without understanding the stereotype to which they were appealing, just as their heirs today use the Straw Man of "globalism" to the same effect. Confused substitutions with "nation" for "global" do not help to clarify matters, as the demand for national supremacy does not map to the demand for…

I remember when Faux was broadcasting coverage of the second Iraq war, it played patriotic music over the scenes of "shock and awe". That's not information content, it's propaganda, or perhaps more properly brainwashing. I don't spend much time on US media, so I don't know if more liberal sources use equally crude brainwashing methods, but Faux is not news or reporting in the sense that I understand it.

I wonder if the outside world could not supply the Palestinians with solar-powered water condensation or at least filtration kit. A dehumidifier running off a solar panel could probably provide safe water for a family. The question is one of whether it can be delivered to the people who need it. Does anyone know what charities or organisations might help?

The Visual Bit

As I mentioned in a previous article, the first requirement issued by Her Indoors was to select pictures by a date range. Not an unreasonable request, and I rapidly added a first version to the toolbar, so that you can refine all views (hopefully!) by date range. The whole photo-collection, album content, folder content — all should be filterable by dates.

Toolbar filter for date range on homePIX site

And there you have it.

After a while, I started to see wider possibilities. A calendar view in its own right starts to make sense. Firstly, you’d have a more intuitive feel for the period of time if the…

One of the many bases for Tuscany’s fame is its light. Its attraction for painters and photographers is notorious. Well, who am I to demur, building as I am a photo-sharing site?

Light on Tuscan conifers, Montespertoli

My homePIX photo-sharing project is currently replete with shots of Italy, recording a love affair that goes back to the age of about 30, when a contractor friend in Basel said, “Let’s hop in the old jalopy and see if I can buy a rustico on the cheap.” The next morning I awoke in a tent with the sound of firefighting aircraft picking up Ligurian seawater to drop…

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